Ini Video Penangkapan Aktivis di Kantor ULMWP Fakfak

On 2 May 2016, almost 2000 activists were arrested throughout West Papua, as they were engaging in peaceful activities to support the ULMWP’s full membership to the Melanesian Spearhead Group. Today, most of the activists have been released, after many were tortured and mistreated. The activists who were arrested in the region of Fakfak have not yet been released. That region was to hold a peaceful march the next day, on 3 March, coinciding with the Meeting that is to be held today in London, regarding the Right to self-determination of the Papuan People. This is a video of last night, when the Papuan activists were arrested and taken away from the ULMWP Secretariat/Fakfak Region, to the police station. More than 16 people were arrested at the time, at around 5.30 pm. That evening, others were arrested at around 8 pm. We do not know yet how many people were arrested in total. The names of the 16 arrested whom we know of, are:
1. Apnel Hegemur
2. Siswanto Tigtigweria.
3. Ambram Remetwa.
4. Modes Komber.
5. Dany Hegemur.
6. Baron Tanggarery.
7. Yakobus Hindom.
8. Semuel Komber.
9. Simon Hindom.
10. Limce Iba.
11. Yonas Hindom.
12. Pasko Hindom.
13. Hiriet Hegemur.
14. Aron hegemur.
15. Yusub Hegemur.
16. War Hegemur.
Video penangkapan aktivis2 Papua di Sekretariat ULMWP, Wilayah Fakfak. Lebih dari 16 orang telah ditangkap, tanggal 2 mei 2016, jam 17.30. Malam itu, jam 20.00 ada yg ditangkap lagi, belum diketahui jumlahnya.

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